Episode #67: N.F.A. 2018 Night 2 “Welcome to the Demo”

Hosts: Johnny Starr and Ron the Banker

Special Guests: Dino, Bob Quinn, Mike Harris, Peter, Jessica Armstead

This episode of Fireworks Brigade was recorded in Wichita Kansas while the guys were participating in the National Fireworks Association’s annual convention. This is night 2 of the convention about 30 minutes after Starr Fireworks participated in the evening’s demo. Enjoy!

Some of the topics covered in this episode include
  • Zappa crappa, Cooper scooper
  • Master Class, How to Execute a Demo
  • Dino state your purpose
  • Bob Quinn (Ace Midwest)
    Ace Midwest Fireworks
  • Mike Harris (ITTI)
  • Peter (CanFire Pyrotechnics)
  • Pyro Judge
  • WWJD
  • Jessica Armstead (Harbour Family Fireworks)
    Barbour Family Fireworks
  • Salutes
  • WWJD
  • Welcome to the Demo reprise
  • Pyro Partner
  • Please contact the CPSC’s acting Chairwoman Ann Marie Buerkle at (301) 504-7978 or at abuerke@cpsc.gov and let her know your views on the proposed regulations change.

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