Date Recorded: Sunday July 3, 2016
Title: Pappie Don’t Do No Bull****
Hosts: Johnny Starr with Ron the Banker
Special Guests: Mama Stol a/k/a Pauline
Running Time: 95 minutes

It’s late night during retail week at Starr Fireworks in Fargo. John’s feeling a bit disheartened as life after the Fourth of July once again slaps him in the face. Ron and his girlfriend Pauline try to cheer him up and they all manage to have some fun talking about fireworks. Some other topics covered in this episode include:

~ Pauline’s Long Train Ride to Fargo
~ Johnny Doesn’t Eat Vegetables
~ Pyro Purge: Wholesale & Retail Recap
~ Fargo Drama
~ Vicki Dog
~ You Eat and You Go
~ Grandpa Chucky’s Bathroom Habits
~ James Bond Replacements
~ Summertime Soundtrack
~ Dino Roast Redone

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